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Sorry, Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Getting SEO Plugin™ Is Not Currently Available. I’ll Be Sure To Let You Know When A New Version Becomes Available!

What is the Traffic Getting SEO Plugin™?

The Traffic Getting SEO Plugin is a WordPress plugin that assists you in the installation of other popular WordPress plugins.  These plugins are designed to enhance your blog’s SEO and security.  After the recommended plugins are installed Traffic Getting SEO Plugin goes in and tweaks the settings of the plugins further, so you don’t have to.

In short,  now you can save time by trying to find which plugins (of over 5,500) work best for SEO and security and then which settings to set for each plugin by installing the Traffic Getting SEO Plugin to your WordPress blog and follow the tips and tweaks suggested!

What does the Traffic Getting SEO Plugin do?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tweaks

  • Optimized title tags.
    • Title tags play a key role in SEO, they take a strong precedence in telling the search engines the main content on each article.
  • Optimized meta-tags.
    • Meta tags tell search engines what the site is about and also determine what content will appear in search results. Creating proper meta tags for search engines, makes your site search engine friendly
  • Optimized URLs
    • The keywords found in the URL of a page are recognized by search engines. By automatically place keywords in the URL of every blog post increases its recognition.
  • Optimized XML Sitemap
    • A sitemap helps search engines properly spider and index your site. This makes it easier for content, new and old to be found on your site. Each time your sitemap is update, it notifies the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Yahoo.
  • Less Blog Posts per Page
    • By having less blog posts per page creates more pages of content for your site. This is extremely effective from, not only a SEO standpoint, but as a monetization strategy as well.

Increase Blog Traffic Tweaks

  • Active list of updated ping sites.
    • This will notify an active list of different ping servers every time you post new content… This is the cornerstone of Jeff’s “blog and ping” SEO strategy and is an extremely powerful way to grab the search engine’s attention very quickly.
  • Sociable Plugin
    • The Sociable plugin puts convenient buttons on each post which allows your readers to share the content of your site with popular social new sites such as Digg, Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. Just one article on Digg’s homepage can increase your traffic tenfold!
  • Automatically Suggest Keywords
    • These keywords are added as tags to your blog based on the content of each post and show up on your posts meta keywords.   It’s always best to create your own tags in WP when writing a post, but just in case you forget this will create them for you.
  • Ping Optimization
    • Blog pinging notifies blog servers that your blog has recently pulished new content. It shares your content across other networks, increasing your blog’s exposure, but excessively pinging these servers can get your site banned or blocked from future blog pinging. So you have to make sure that you are pinging these servers when necessary. This will handle when and when not to ping these blog servers, optimizing how often you ping.
  • Permalink Migration Assistance
    • If you currently have a custom permalink structure and want to use the recommended one by Traffic Getting SEO plugin, but you don’t want to lose Pagerank or traffic that accesses your blog through the old permalinks, this will assist you in make sure your visitors get to your posts through the recommended permalink structure.

Security Tweaks

  • Comment Moderation
    • This will automatically require administrative approval of all comments posted to the blog. Protect your blog from comment spam.
  • Akismet
    • Akismet protects your blog from trackback and comment spam.
  • Database Backup
    • Schedule weekly database backups to be emailed to you. Protect your value blog content by backing it up and save it in emails.
  • CAPTCHA (Human Verification)
    • CAPTCHA is a form utility to protect your blog from comment spam by web bots. A CAPTCHA places an images with random text that the user must manually type to submit their blog comment. This utility verifies the commenter is human, cutting down the potential for comment spam.

What does the Traffic Getting SEO Plugin look like?

Click on any image to enlarge.

Traffic Getting SEO Plugin Dashboard:






The Plugin Installation Assistant:







The Blog Details:



The Advanced Menu:


How do I get the Traffic Getting SEO Plugin?

You can get the free of the version instantly by signing up here:

The professional version is only available to Jeff’s clients and select bonus offers.  The professional version is currently not available for sale.

How do I install the Traffic Getting SEO Plugin?

Installation Instructions – click here

Upgrade Instructions – click here

Traffic Getting SEO Plugin 2.1 replaces the Simple CAPTCHA plugin with a new security plugin. Follow these steps to upgrade TGSP:

  1. Deactivate the old version of Traffic Getting SEO Plugin and Simple CAPTCHA.
  2. Delete the old versions of Traffic Getting SEO Plugin and Simple CAPTCHA. Your settings will be saved.
  3. Upload and Activate the new version of Traffic Getting SEO Plugin.
  4. From the TGSP Plugins page, install and activate SI CAPTCHA.
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2 Responses to “Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin”

  1. Olaf 14. Feb, 2010 at 5:50 am #

    Great stuff here, thanks 4 providing.
    My question is:
    Sociable Plugin versus OnlyWire- ANY thoughts on that please?
    Why do you recommend Sociable Plugin, which are differences?
    BIG THANKS in advance.

    • Jeff Johnson 14. Feb, 2010 at 11:52 am #

      sociable is a wodpress plugin that allows your readers to bookmark your posts, onlyiwire is a browser based system that the reader must have installed to use. Sociable does not require the reader to have it installed since your blog already has it which means a potentially larger number of people can easil bookmark your posts.

      Onlywire is geared towards your personal use of the bookmarking feature, sociable is geared towards your reader’s bookmarking use.

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