Best Web Hosting

You need to have a great web hosting company in order to run a great online business and…

I have more shared hosting and dedicated web hosting servers than I can count on both hands.

And not even my web properties manager can tell me with absolute certainty how many domains or shared hosting accounts we have.

So if anyone knows about web hosting I’d say I do.

And I’d like to share my favorite web hosts with you so you can avoid some of the hassles I have over the years.

One thing, though:

No host is perfect.

But some are definitely better than others…

And the ones below are ones that we either use in our own business, or have done the research and feel they offer great service and value.

Here are a few web hosting deals I recommend you check out for yourself:

Consumer Notice: These are affiliate links. If you click them and sign up with the hosting company, I may get paid a commission.


Recommended TGSP Web Hosts: 

– Hostgator offers unlimited domains for under $10. We use it and we love it:


Lunarpages answers the phone when you call them! 

– I’ve been using lunarpages since the very beginning. I can’t recall ever having issues with their service… I keep getting rebilled every year and I keep paying it so that speaks for itself: Web Hosting $6.95 

– Bluehost is highly regarded in the industry and offers unlimited domains and hosting space for $6.95 a month:

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Unlimited Web Hosting

Top Recommended $5.95 Hosting

Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account

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106 Responses to “Best Web Hosting”

  1. frank clemente 07. Feb, 2014 at 9:38 am #

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    What do you recommend Jeff??

    • Jeff Johnson 08. Mar, 2014 at 2:32 pm #

      Since copywriters tend to specialize in specific markets… I’d say locate the best sales pieces and marketing materials in your market and then contact the owners and ask them for their copywriter’s contact info.

      For writing articles I’d say search the search for the best articles in your market and see if you can find a freelance writer that is wiling to write your articles/newsletter.

      Offline newspaper article writers are also a great source of potential writers that can be very reasonable in what they charge.

  2. Andy 11. Mar, 2014 at 8:51 pm #

    Thank you for this list. I didn’t realize there were so many good host companies. I always see ads for the big ones like Godaddy, Hostgator, Blue Host, or even Media Temple.

    Sites like Omnis and iPage are new to me. So I will explore their offerings to see if they will be good for my clients or even I.

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