There’s No Such Thing As The “Perfect” Add To Cart Button!

People are always asking about the best “Add To Cart” (ATC) button to use on their sales pages.

They are searching for that single, magical “Add To Cart” button that they can use on all of their sale pages… and it will always result in the maximum number of sales for their products, no matter what that product is.

Well, I’ve got some bad news for those people, because…

There is no such thing as the “best” add to cart button that will work in any situation… it just doesn’t exist… when it comes to AT buttons…

The best “add to cart” button that worked for someone else, or even for you last week, isn’t necessarily going to be the “best” ATC button for you to use the next time.

The simple truth of the matter is that if you are using the same “Add To Cart” Button on all of your sales pages, then chances are you are leaving some serious cash on the table by missing out on sales that you could have easily captured if you would have spent just 10 minutes doing what I’m about to share with you.


Here’s what I’m talking about:

I was just able to increase my Video Sales Letter (VSL) conversions by 397.11% by making just one small little change to the “Add To Cart” (ATC) button that appeared just below the VSL.

And that was after the 103.43% improvement I had already made to my VSL conversions during an earlier split test.

Just to be clear about this…

When I say I increased my VSL conversions by 397.11% I mean I was able to quadruple my sales by making just one simple, small little change to my ATC button.

Would you like to know what that one small little change was that increased my sales by a factor of 4?

Here it is:

I took our previous winning ATC button design and tested three new versions against it in an A/B split test.

The only thing that I changed for each of the new ATC buttons was the “Call To Action” phrase that was printed on the button itself… every other aspect of the ATC button design remained the same.

In the end the winner beat the control by 397.11%.

Once again…

The only difference between the ATC buttons was the “Call To Action phrase that was printed on the button.

The winning ATC button had the phrase “I Prefer To Save 50% By Joining Right Now Before The Price Doubles!” printed on it .

That’s it… simply changing one little phrase made all the difference in the world when it came to putting more money in my pocket… and I’m positive it can do the same for you.

Here’s the best part:

The entire A/B split test took me less than 10 minutes to set up yet it helped me increase my sales by 397.11%.

I’d say that’s a huge return on investment, and I’d like to help you do the same for your business, so…


Here are a few tips to help you improve your ATC button conversions:

1. You should constantly split test new ATC button designs.

2. If you are driving traffic from different sources to the same product, then try setting up a new sales page that uses a different ATC button for each source of traffic.

3. The phrase “Add To Cart” has never been a winning phrase in any of our ATC button tests so once you beat it the first time, don’t bother using it again for the same product.

4. Test phrases in your ATC button design that reinforce the primary enefit of your products, or help you introduce scarcity to the offer.

For example: “I Want More Highly Targeted Leads And Customers!” was the winning ATC phrase for Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0 during the initial launch because it reinforced the primary benefit of the training program… more leads and customers for your business.

5. If you are offering a special bonus or discount for an existing product then try testing out new ATC buttons that talk about those special bonuses or discounts.

For Example: “I Prefer To Save 50% By Joining Right Now Before The Price Doubles!”  (it works because people hate to miss out on a great deal).

6. You should constantly split test new ATC button designs (this one was worth repeating).

So what are you waiting for…

Start Split Testing Your “Add To Cart” Buttons Today!

I hope this helps!

Jeff Johnson


If you’d like to learn more about Split Testing, Increasing Your Conversions, Creating A Lead Funnel, and even how to Increase the conversions of Your Video Sales Letters, then you really should check out the free training videos I posted on my other blog.


Here’s a quick update to this post with answers to your most popular questions.

Question 1:

Which tool(s) do you use to create your fancy Landing Pages and Add To Cart buttons?

Answer 1:

You can easily create ATC Buttons and Landing Pages  with this one.  It has several  built-in ATC buttons that you can choose from and then customize them for your own use in seconds.

And here’s another popular ATC Buttons and Landing Pages  that we own.


Question 2:

How do you split test your ATC buttons and your Video Sales Letter?

Answer 2:

Here’s the A/B Split Testing Software   that I use to split test my Video Sales Letters and My ATC Buttons.

Here’s another Simple Landing Pages and A/B Split Testing Tool  that creates very professional looking email capture, product launch, and VSL pages in a matter of minutes… with built in “idiot proof” split testing.


Question 3:

Can you recommend someone to write a Video Sales Letter for me?

Answer 3:

This Quick And Easy Video Sales Letters software and training program walks you through the process of creating a killer Video Sales Letter using a proven formula… step-by-step.



Consumer notice: This blog post contains my affiliate link and if you invest in a product based on my recommendation I may earn a commission.

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