More Free Content From Jeff Johnson and New Software Passwords

The Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin™ is no longer available. Jeff now recommends the Yoast SEO Plugin.



How to get more free content  from Jeff Johnson, and Updated Passwords.

We just posted the newest version of my Free Traffic-Getting SEO
Plugin software for you.

It’s pretty much a “must upgrade” version so please download it and
update your current blogs with it.

And we changed the passwords again so you’ll need those to download
the new version.

But first I need to clear something up:

I always send out more free content than I send out “promotions” to
my list. That’s my rule and I’ve stuck to it for over 4 years now.

I have dozens of segmented lists that you may be on, but only one
free content list.

Very Important!

Don’t get me wrong… you don’t want to unsubscribe from my other
lists just because you are on my free content list. YOU NEED to be
on my other lists for various other reasons such as exclusive bonus
offers and other exclusive passwords.

But here’s the problem:

If you aren’t on my free content list… you may only see the
promotions I send out and never see the free content.

I have added at least 67 high-quality videos to my blog in the last

And I have also added dozens and dozens of PDF files, process
sheets, and audio interviews, and video tutorials to my blog.

And I’m adding new content and software updates all the time.

And most of them are “hidden” on my blog…

So the only way to easily find them is to be on my free content
list; if you are not on my free content list, you may never see
most of the free content.

Please make sure you are also on my free content list so you get
the good stuff along with all the promotions!

Here is my free content list:

If you are already on that list it will tell you so after trying to
join it a second time. If you are already on it then you don’t have
to do anything else… the free content will keep coming.

And if you aren’t on that list, please join it now so I can send
you tons of great free training content plus the new software

Please join my free content list:

Once you join my free content list, or if you are already on it…

You will receive a link to the newest version of my Traffic-Getting
SEO Plugin (TGSP) as well as the new passwords.

Please note: We change our software download password regularly,
and the only way to be sure you have the most recent, most powerful
version is to stay on my free content list.

This update is pretty much a “must upgrade” version so please
download it and update your current blogs with it.

It will only take 5 minutes.

Don’t worry; if you can’t upgrade all of the blogs you are
currently using it on you’ll be just fine. The old version won’t hurt
your blog, this one is just “better”.

Just be sure to use the newest version for all new blogs going

Please join my free content list:

Once you do, or if you already are on it… the new version of TGSP
will be in your inbox, as well as the new passwords.


Jeff Johnson

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10 Responses to “More Free Content From Jeff Johnson and New Software Passwords”

  1. Expert MLM 14. May, 2009 at 1:55 pm #

    I am a subscriber and already have the plugin but how do it get the updated version? Will automatically arrive via email in a few days?

    Great free tools are always appreciated especially when most peoples problems are getting traffic. That’s s huge issue.

    Jeff Johnson: I just emailed out the new passwords for Traffic Getting SEO Plugin so it should be in your inbox by now.

  2. Jeff 16. May, 2009 at 7:12 am #

    I have the same issue as above in not having received the email with the new password . I cannot find a download link anywhere and am on the free list.
    Thanks for all you do for us

    Jeff Johnson: Please contact my help desk and give them the emial you are subscribed to the free version list with.

    They’ll be glad to help figure out what’s going on.

  3. Tony Gibson 18. May, 2009 at 3:15 am #

    Hi Jeff,

    This plugin is superb, thanks for sharing.

    You mention that this free version is good, but not as powerful as the paid version. How do you get the paid version? I would be very interested in this.



    Jeff Johnson says: Traffic Getting SEO Plug Supercharged Professional Edition is not currently for sale.

    But I do give it to my UTL coaching clients for free.

    My Underground Training Lab Private Membership site and Coaching Club is still closed to new members.

    However, it should be opening back up sometime in June, so stay tuned!

  4. James Elliott 25. May, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    Hi Jeff,

    I too am a subscriber with another address but Frank Kern sent me an email for this so I switched e-addresses because the other one has so many and a lot of junk I haven’t canceled. I need to spend a wek cleaning up the junk. I can’t get focused on much because of the overload on email. When someone has a new product come out wham,wham,wham. I have been getting great emails from you for several months. I hope to get my head out of my ???? and start using some of what I have received soon. Thank you for everything you have sent.



    PS I know I will get a suport ticket number ticket but don’t worry about an answer.

  5. John 27. May, 2009 at 4:43 am #

    I received the emails for the plugin, signed up and confirmed.
    However the download buttons from the site keeps redirecting to the sign up page and the links in the email you sent me don’t work. I would like to give this a try but I don’t have much time for troubleshooting I’m sure you understand.
    Are you aware of these broken links and redirect problem for the free SEO plugin?

    Jeff Johnson says: I’m sorry but I don’t know what your particular problem could be caused by.

    You don’t download the software from the orange button, you join the list from the orange button and I send you the links via email once you confirm your request.

    I’ve tested the download links in the email over and over and they work.

    And thousands of people have downloaded the software from the instructions in the email.

    But here’s a direct link:
    Traffic Getting SEO Plugin Download

    You’ll still need the passwords that are in the email to “unlock” the download page.

    I change the passwords every few weeks when we issue updates so please make sure you take the most recent passwords from the confirmation emails sent to you.

  6. Anatoly 27. May, 2009 at 3:17 pm #

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for GOOD job. This plugin is BEST!

    Traffic Getting Utilization Meter my blog has grown from 25% to 77.4 %.

    Best Regards,

  7. Chris Connell 28. May, 2009 at 4:30 am #

    I installed your blog plugin about 2 months ago, when I first started my blog, and I’ve gotten jack for traffic, though its showing 100% optimized. I mean I get like 1 to 20 visitors a day, and thats all from twitter link backs I send out. Anyway, I know its not a cure all and my fledgling little blog doesnt have a lot to it just yet, but I figured the plugin would be helping me get a bit more traffic than 1-20 visitors…Makes me sad 🙁

    Jeff Johnson says: The plugin is just part of my overall system that has to be applied, and that I share with my subscribers and blog visitors.

    People walk up to me at seminars like Yanik’s and say “your stuff has made me a fortune”.

    A teacher who makes just 30k a year stood up at my seminar and stated he made 15k with his first blog built with my software and my techniques, and went on to make 100k.

    As it says in the plugin itself… there is more to it than just putting up a blog.

    And the “optmized” referes to the utilization of the recommended plugins which is why we stress that in the last 3 or 4 versions of the plugin.

    You have to pick the right market.

    You have to pick the right keywords.

    You have to create a fair amount of quality content and it has to be updated regularly.

    You need to help bring in quality incoming links (not twitter posts).

    And your domain and/or IP can’t be blocked by the engines.

    Not to mention errors on your blog, etc.

    You need to apply the knowledge I have given away for free in the form of dozens of video tutorials, blog posts, process sheets, etc.

    It all ties together.

    And it all works.

    I’d bet money on it… I use the plugin and the techniques in my own business and it works every single day.

    And I give it all away for free.

    So please enjoy it if you can.

  8. Lovely Oabnor 30. May, 2009 at 11:10 am #


  9. Viktor Shipilov 01. Jun, 2009 at 6:13 am #

    As for me better?
    1. In short phrases, which distorts the meaning of the interpreter.
    2. For each issue to present his challenge and a way to achieve it.
    3. Decipher abbreviations. I still do not know what is PPC marketing.

    Jeff Johnson: PPC stands for Pay Per Click… you pay for your traffic from sources like google adwords, yahoo, msn, etc.

  10. Chris Busa 27. Jun, 2009 at 3:19 am #

    Hey thanks for all the great free content you provide so much value with everything you do.

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