Protecting Yourself Against Social Media Legal Risks

Here’s a great book to read about safeguarding you and your business against the legal risks of using social media in your marketing.

In fact, even if you aren’t using social media to market your business…

This book covers non-social media topics that every online business owner should know.

The book is called “Navigating Social Media Legal Risks:Safeguarding Your Business” by Robert McHale

I bought a copy for myself a few weeks back and it is definitely worth checking out.

According to the book description (which is where I bought my copy)…

The plain-English business guide to avoiding social media legal risks and liabilities-for anyone using social media for business – written specifically for non-attorneys!

You already know social media can help you find customers, strengthen relationships, and build your reputation, but if you are not careful, it also can expose your company to expensive legal issues and regulatory scrutiny…

You’ll Learn How To:

o Craft legally compliant social media promotions, contests, sweepstakes, and advertising campaigns

o Write effective social media policies and implement best practices for governance

o Ensure the security of sensitive company and customer information

o Properly monitor and regulate the way your employees use social media

o Avoid high-profile social media mishaps that can instantly damage reputation, brand equity, and goodwill, and create massive potential liability

o Avoid unintentional employment and labor law violations in the use of social media in pre-employment screening

o Manage legal issues associated with game-based marketing, “virtual currencies,” and hyper-targeting

o Manage the legal risks of user-generated content (UGC)

o Protect your trademarks online, and overcome brandjacking and cybersquatting

o Understand the e-discovery implications of social media in lawsuits

Once again, the title of the book is “Navigating Social Media Legal Risks: Safeguarding Your Business” by Robert McHale

And you can find it at your favorite online bookstores like, etc.


Jeff Johnson


This is NOT my affiliate link and I do NOT get compensated in any way by recommending it to you.

However, I bought it myself a few weeks ago and it is well worth checking out.

You can find a copy of it here on

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2 Responses to “Protecting Yourself Against Social Media Legal Risks”

  1. Mike 22. Jun, 2014 at 10:59 am #

    Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for this post.

    Our Facebook page got shut down a few months ago due to ‘copyright infringement’.

    Even though all we did was share pictures and articles.

    Does this book mention how to deal with such situations? Facebook just told us to talk with the lawyers who made the complaint, but they simply have ignored me.

    • Jeff Johnson 24. Jun, 2014 at 9:59 pm #

      Unfortunately the book deals with the DMCA from a website owner protection standpoint and the use of user generated content and not a “how to get my facebook account turned back on” perspective. If the lawyers claiming copyright infringement won’t respond to you, keep trying using different methods of communication…. letters to different departments, emails, faxes, phone calls, have your attorney submit an inquiry, etc… nothing is guaranteed but I know from personal experience it can work.

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