This Email List Building Trick Converts Best

I can honestly say that the email templates that I’ve “borrowed” from Ryan have added over a hundred thousand people to my list.

And his templates are always some of the most effective list- building tools I’ve ever used.

Grab a free copy of his best email template here:
Best Email Template

Ryan has tested, tweaked, gutted, and rebuilt his best converting squeeze page template at least 300 times.

Now it’s perfect. And he wants to walk you through it.

Not only that, he wants to give you his full editable “perfect squeeze page” template for you to use with your own website.

Go grab Ryan’s perfect squeeze page template below right now:
Best Email Template


Jeff Johnson


This is exact same squeeze template that he’s used to build his lists over 500,000 people strong and I hope that you will achieve the same levels of success using it on your own websites too.

Ryan gives you full permission to use his templates on an unlimited number of websites for free.

Grab Ryan’s perfect squeeze page template right now for free:
Best Email Template



Consumer Notice: I’m actually an investor in Ryan’s company so
technically speaking if you use the affiliate links in this email I
stand a good chance of getting paid one way or another… but his top
performing email template is free so please make sure you download it
and put it to use in your business right away.

Best Email Template

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  1. Daphne Dwritewell Williams 28. Nov, 2011 at 12:28 am #

    How are you Mr. Jeff Johnson, I am attempting to download the templates and it shows up as an error, so could you please let me know the next step to obtaining them. Love your blog too. ~Daphne

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