Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin Installation

Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin™ Installation Instructions

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What is my new Traffic Getting SEO Plugin™” for WordPress?

It’s a WP plugin… which means that it is easier, faster, and more powerful than my Free SEO Blog Software™ .

It works with wordpress blogs that you have installed on your own server, or hosted server accounts. It will not work with hosted blogs; it is designed for stand-alone blogs.

It’s easier for you to install, faster for you to upgrade your blogs to future versions of wordpress, and more powerful because it allows us to issue updates and tweaks to the SEO  settings with much greater efficiency.

It basically takes all the guess work out of “which wp plugins do I use, how do I install them, and how to configure them for maximum traffic-getting power?”

It literally tells you which wp plugins I personally  use and have tested, helps you install those other wp plugins automatically via the wp api… and then pre-configures those wp plugins based on my parameters.

Here are the plugins that I pre-configure (tweak the settings)  for you in the free version of Traffic-Getting SEO Plugin:

  1. All-In-One-SEO Pack
  2. Google Sitemap Generator
  3. Sociable
  4. Ping Optimizer
  5. Akismet
  6. Database Backup
  8. Google +1 Button
  9. Google Analyticator
  10. Facebook Like

The “Professional Edition”  has 7 additional pre-configured plugins and additional enhancements including a bulk installer and direct access to my tech guys inside my private membership site.

My “Traffic Getting SEO Plugin™” for WordPress is “push button SEO” at its finest… easier, faster, and more powerful.

A few things to considerFirst, the free version has fewer bells and whistles than my professional version… but it is still very powerful. Second, the pre-configured settings require that I make a few choices as to which settings I use and which I don’t.

Fortunately, if my settings don’t fill your needs you can simply change them yourself, or simply deactivate my Traffic Getting SEO Plugin and it will stop working its SEO magic for you… you can even just restore your blog to its former state and move ahead without my plugin.

But I’m convinced that for the average user my Traffic Getting SEO Plugin can definitely help you “Get More Traffic, More Leads and More Money”… just be sure to apply the strategies you find on this blog for free… there are over 70 video tutorials and process sheets hiding in this blog… so knock yourself out!

Do NOT  install Traffic Getting SEO Plugin on existing blogs unless you are a sesaoned pro with WP… it will change settings to your existing plugins that you are using, and rewrite your permalink structure which could cause issue with incoming links.

Update: Traffic Getting SEO Plugin 2.0 free version now has a built in option for using 301 redirects to map your existing incoming links to the “new post” created by a change in your permalink structure. If you don’t know what this means… you should stick with using TGSP on new blogs for now.

I suggest you stick with using it on new blogs only first, and see how it works before you try using it on an existing blog.

More importantly; the training materials I share with you apply to all types of blogs and websites so even if you can’t use the Traffic Getting SEO Plugin on your existing blog… you can still get more traffic, and make more money just by applying what you learn from the tutorials I’ll be sending you.

Here’s how to install it:

Note: You must be using Wordpress 2.7 or greater to use this plugin.

It works with wordpress blogs that you have installed on your own server, or hosted server accounts. It will not work with hosted blogs; it is designed for stand-alone blogs.

Always backup your WP database before installing any plugin, or upgrading your version of WP.

WP Backup Tutorials

And if you already have your favorite WP Plugins installed and configured “just the way you like it”… then I’d either install a new blog and start from scratch with  my plugin… or back up your existing blog before you attempt to install my Traffic Getting SEO Plugin.

The reason is quite simple… my plugin works it magic by automatically configuring other wp plugins… so if you already have other wp plugins installed… Traffic Getting SEO Plugin may change your settings on you… that’s a good thing for most people, but not for everyone.

Here’s How To Upgrade an old version of Traffic Getting SEO Plugin to a newer version:

Traffic Getting SEO Plugin 2.2 replaces the Simple CAPTCHA plugin with a new security plugin. Follow these steps to upgrade TGSP:

  1. Deactivate the old version of Traffic Getting SEO Plugin and Simple CAPTCHA.
  2. Delete the old versions of Traffic Getting SEO Plugin and Simple CAPTCHA. Your settings will be saved.
  3. Upload and Activate the new version of Traffic Getting SEO Plugin.
  4. From the TGSP Plugins page, install and activate SI CAPTCHA.

Upgrade TGSP To A Newer Version

IMPORTANT: IonCube Loader Error Message – This step can literally take less than one minute if you can do it by hand, or a few minutes if you ask your web host provider to do it for you. TIP: Don’t ever spend more than a few minutes trying to fix hosting issues on your own… always ask your hosting company for help…. that’s what you pay them for.Either way…a few minutes of your time for  a killer piece of SEO software like my Traffic Getting SEO Plugin™ is a fair trade… I’m sure you’ll agree once you see how easy it is to use.You only need to worry about this “Ioncube Loader” step if you get an “IonCube error” while trying to activate the Traffic Getting SEO Plugin™.If you dont’ see the error, you don’t need to worry about this step… just skip it.If you do get the “IonCube Loader” error message…Here’s how to fix it:How to manually enable the IonCube loader on select cPanel web hostsIf you want to enable IonCube yourself (For advanced users), download the loaders from Ioncube’s Website.Make sure you put a php.ini file in the WordPress folder, and the wp-admin folder.If you aren’t able to fix it yourself, simply contact your hosting provider and ask them to.Better Yet… just use one of the recommended web hosts listed below and you’ll either not have to worry about the error, or you’ll be able to fix the error yourself in less than a minute.

You have two options for first time installations of TGSP:

1. Upgrade your existing wordpress blog to the newest version. But if you already have wp plugins installed in your existing blog… you may wish to simply install my Traffic Getting SEO Plugin in a brand new blog (see #2 below).

Click here for instructions on how to upgrade your blog to the latest version of WordPress 3.2

2.  Install a new wordpress blog by hand, or by using the cpanel Fantastico installation system.

Here is a tutorial on how to install a WordPress blog with Fantastico.

Note: Using Fantastico is the fastest and easiest way to install wordpress. No database setup, no file uploads… push a button and Fantastico does all the work for you.

If you don’t want to mess around with the Ioncube loader problem at all…

Use these webhosts:

Lunarpages answers the phone when you call them!

iPage Affordable Web Hosting only $2.95/mo

get your site online with web hosting plans

Top Recommended $5.95 Hosting

PowWeb Hosting - *On Sale * $3.88/month!


Or you can use these hosts and enable ioncube yourself in less than 1 minute:

Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account Web Hosting $6.95

Bluehost recently made some changes to their own software that may cause isssues, but they can help you set it up.

Hosting accounts to Avoid (they don’t work well with the TGSP):


Click Here for the Fantastico Tutorial

Once you have upgraded your wordpress blog to version 2.7  or above… or installed a new one with Fantastico…
Check out our video tutorial

Step-by-Step Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin™ Installation Process

Step 1.Type in your Username and Password for your blog and click [Log In].



Step 2.On the left side, click on [Plugins], then [Add New].





Step 3.Click on [Upload], click on [Browse], and then find the Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin that you downloaded.



Step 4.Click on [Install Now].







Step 5.Click on [Activate Plugin].





Step 6.Click [Traffic Getting] on the left.





Step 7.Click on [Install TGSP and Proceed], click on [I Accept The Agreement], then click on [I want to optimize my blog now!].








Step 8.Click on [Plugins], under Traffic Getting, on the left side of the page.






Step 9.For all of the recommended plugins that are NOT INSTALLED, repeat this process:



9.1.Click [Install Plugin].






9.2.Click [Return to TGSP Plugins Page].





IMPORTANT: If any plugins fail to install using the automated installer, they can be manually downloaded either from the plugin author’s page, or from the WordPress Plugin Repository anduploaded. Remember that none of these plugins are required for your blog to function, but to get the full benefits of the Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin, you’ll want to install as many of the plugins as you can.



Step 10. Click on [Installed Plugins] on the left hand side






Step 11. Check the boxes next to the plugins that you wish to activate and choose [Activate] from the drop down menu, then press [Apply]






Step 12.After you’ve installed all of the recommended plugins, click on [Blog Details], under Traffic Getting, on the left side of the page.







Step 13.Fill in the blog details form, similar to the screenshot below:









Step 14.Click [Save Details].



Step 15. Click [Traffic Getting] on the left side of the page.






Step 16.Click [Apply Blog Tweaks] under the box labeled “Optimization Guide”.






Step 17.Important: Make sure your Permalinks are updated by clicking [Advanced], and looking for the green checkbox.







Step 18.That’s it! You’ve successfully installed my Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin for WP.

Now just be sure to  follow the optimization tips under the box labeled  “Optimization Guide” (see Step 16).

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    • Jeff Johnson 18. Jan, 2014 at 2:31 pm #

      I’ve never tested SEOpressor so I really can’t say. However, if you are already using an SEO plugin you may not wish to install a second one since they will probably “fight” each for control 🙂

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    Do you thing only plugins help us to bring good traffic? I say do social media marketing. It is the best way to promote your website and increase traffic.

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      I agree, I have been teaching social media for traffic-getting for years. But plugins are also very helpful, including social media plugins 🙂

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