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How To Use Openx To Make More Money in Your Business

I recently hosted a live “questions and answers” call for my Underground Training Lab coaching clients. One of them asked me about how I use the openx ad serving software to make more money in my affiliate marketing business… and how they should use it to make more money in their business. Well, the answer […]

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adding rss feed buttons to your blog

Thousands of people have used my Free RSS Feed Button Creation Tool to add those really cool “add to my google” or “add to my yahoo” style buttons that you see on my blogs. But many of you have asked for an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to use it. So… here’s another step-by-step process sheet […]

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create your own ad serving network with openx

Run your very own google adwords style ad network by selling ad space on your websites… serve millions of page views a day using this bullet proof ad-serving software. Here’s what I’m talking about: For years I’ve been using a program called openx to serve ads on my network of sites… hundreds, even thousands of websites served […]

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