New 2.0 Version of Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin For WP

The Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin™ is no longer available. Jeff now recommends the Yoast SEO Plugin.

I just released the my brand new Traffic-Getting SEO Plugin Version 2.0 for WordPress!

And it’s still 100% Free

Version 2.0  includes new “total control” features that allow you to pick and choose which features of the wp plugins you’d like to keep, and which ones you don’t.

It’s also much more “existing blog” friendly… we added a new feature that helps preserve your incoming links by rewriting your permalinks and issuing a search engine friendly 301 redirect… if you don’t know what that means then I guess it really doesn’t matter to you but trust me… it’s really, really good 🙂

It’s easy to use, and it installs in just minutes… and it’s 100% free.

If you have already downloaded the software before:

Check your inbox for the new download links and new passwords…

Here’s a tip: use your desktop search feature to find the keyword “seoblog” in an email I just sent out a day or two ago. Once you find that email, you’ll find the new password and download link.

If you can’t find the new passwords in your inbox… chances are you  aren’t on my Traffic-Getting SEO Plugin Mailing List...

Join my Traffic Getting SEO mailing list here and I’ll send you a copy for free:

Traffic Getting SEO Plugin – Download Here

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106 Responses to “New 2.0 Version of Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin For WP”

  1. IMBlogger 24. Nov, 2009 at 5:44 am #

    Omg.. couldn’t believe my own eyes after trying your SEO software foc! How regrettably stupid of me to purchase several SEO softwares from asian or chinese marketers! Been charged worse pennies for useless stuffs compared to your awesome that is even not charged to everyone else. I really wish to know about this earlier. Good work!

  2. Brett 24. Nov, 2009 at 3:01 pm #

    Will this work with Amaniche(paid plugin for Amazon product drip feed?

    Jeff Johnson: Don’t know, but it works with most plugins so you should test it.

  3. Arul 30. Nov, 2009 at 2:16 am #

    hi, I love the tools … I’ll try it ..
    thank you for your support

  4. ted 01. Dec, 2009 at 4:56 am #


    where can I find a link to the professional version of your traffic getting seo plugin?

    Jeff Johnson: Sorry, it is currently not for sale; only my coaching clients have access to it, and my coaching club is closed to new students.

  5. rheyanna 23. Dec, 2009 at 6:49 am #

    Hey Jeff,

    Awesome plugin,I used your original SEO software and the first plugin was a great improvement for functionality.
    Sweet job Anthony:)

    I have just installed the 2.0 version of the plugin and in is not fetching the plugins on it’s own.
    Searched for plugin’s manually and could not find them all.
    Is it possible to put a resource somewhere so that others can find them easily if they have this problem?

    Thanks for all the great work you do and all the resources you provide.

    Jeff Johnson: I’m not sure it’s a complete list since we’ve added some funtionality recently, but you’ll find a list here

    Anthony hasn’t been involved with the last few versions, including the major upgrade about to come out, but he does love his wp and it shows 🙂

    • rheyanna 23. Dec, 2009 at 9:49 am #

      Hey Jeff,

      If they where clickable it would help.

      I searched through the plugins and there are alot of them for each option, so I picked the ones that look the closest and the software does not recognize them.
      Thanks again,

  6. rheyanna 23. Dec, 2009 at 9:45 am #

    Thanks again Jeff

  7. Denise 14. Jan, 2010 at 1:17 am #

    Hi Jeff,
    I downloaded the software but was not able to install the plugins…So I deleted them and redownloaded the software but this time the folder is missing ioncube..all of the other info is I need to know what the value of ioncube is.
    Kind regards

    Jeff Johnson: You need ioncube or it won’t work, but you can download it directly from ioncube after you make sure your host is properly configured for ioncube.Should all be in the installation instructions.

  8. Ransy 18. Jan, 2010 at 8:14 am #

    Hi Jeff and happy New Year

    I have Traffic Getting SEO PluginTM 2.0 – Free Version on my blog site and I tried to install the free-traffic-getting-seo-2.0.3 but I get these messages

    Destination folder already exists.
    Plugin Install Failed

    I also updated my WordPress from to 2.9. in December and after that my post are not Pinging. I tried to send support ticket to MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer but they don’t support those who have free version.

    Hope you can help
    Thanks Ransy

    Jeff Johnson: It sounds like you either did not delete the old installation as per our installation instructions, or you had a failed install attempt that created some folders but not all of them. You can’t install wp over existing wp folder.

    Please follow the directions here:

    As for the ping plugin…. we don’t have control over that so you’ll have to find an answer with them, or simply deactivate the ping plugin and let the standard ping occur via wp.

    Jeff Johnson:

  9. Ransy 23. Jan, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    Hi Jeff
    I few days ago I downloaded the new version of Traffic Getting SEO 2.0.3 now when I login to my blog I get message that (there’s a new version of Traffic Getting SEO PluginTM 2.0 – Free Version ( available!) is this a newer version then I have?


    Jeff Johnson: is a bug fix. If you had problems getting the plugins to load, or with google analyticator then this version will fix those issues. if not, you should be fine.

  10. Matt Plourd 23. Jan, 2010 at 5:48 pm #

    Wow jeff i feel like such a free loader…you have taught me so much and i cant wait to make this work..i haven’t had the money to purchase anything from you, but i have linked (through your link )to host gator for the 2 small sites i have bought. someday i promise to buy something from you, i owe at least that!
    I want to start a blog….can you tell me the difference between your free seo blog software and the free wordpress blog they offer at wp? Please know i am just starting and i mean NO disrespect..I owe you a ton, you are a wealth of knowledge and i thank you for all you do !

    Jeff Johnson: My software adds functionality and SEO to the free wp download via plugins and pre-configurations. As for the hosted blogs.. you can’t use any of your own plugins (including tgsp) with that service. But there’s a place in SEO for using the hosted blogs since they rank well, I prefer to control my own “money” sites, though, so I install wp on my own hosts.

    Glad you are finding my stuff useful!

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