upgrading your current wordpress blog tutorial

Experienced Users Only!

I strongly recommend that you only install my Free SEO Blog Software as new blogs; I do not recommend that you upgrade your old blogs to my SEO customized version.

It’s not that it can’t be done, we do it all the time.

The problem is that certain aspects and/or configurations of your current blog may be lost during the updgrade process.

And since this is a free piece of software we can’t possibly help you fix any problems that may occur during the upgrade process.

Only experienced users or people with access to good tech staff should use this upgrade procedure.

That having been said… thousands of you know what you are doing and asked us to put together this tutorial for you… so we did.

My guys work with wordpress every single day and they hack the hell out of it for me… so I asked them to put this tutorial together for you.

Very Important! Don’t updgrade your current wordpress blog with our Free SEO Blog Software unless you are certain that your wp blog is an older version than ours.

Our Free SEO Blog Software currently uses wp version 2.5.1. So if your current wp blog version is greater than 2.5.1… do not update it with our Freee SEO Blog Software.

If you are upgrading an existing blog built with our Free SEO Blog Software… make sure you are upgrading to a newer version of the software.

Highly recommended that you install our Free SEO Blog software on a new domain unless you are an experienced user and are certain your current wp blog is a version older than 2.5.1.

Here’s how to upgrade your blog to the newest version of our Free SEO Blog Software.

This illustrated tutorial will show you how to upgrade your existing blog to Jeff Johnson’s Highly Optimized SEO WordPress Blog (Free SEO Blog Software).

You can only upgrade your blog if your current version of WordPress needs to be upgraded. If you have the most recent version of WordPress, this installation tutorial will not apply to you.

Note: This upgrade process will deactivate any plugins that you may have installed in your current blog.  Reactivate them at your own risk; they may or may not work properly once this updgrade process is complete and we can’t provide support for any problems that may occur.

Also, any configurations that you have made to your current blog will be overwritten by our SEO customizations in the upgrade process… that means your current blog configurations will be lost.

We strongly recommed that you backup your current blog before proceeding with this upgrade. If you do proceed with the upgrade, please proceed at your own risk.

We recommend you use our optimized blog package for new installations only.

Here’s how you install a new Free SEO Blog:

Installing a new SEO wordpress blog

If you still wish to continue with the upgrade… here what you do:

1. Backup Your Current Blog Database

Before you upgrade your blog it is strongly recommened that you backup your database, just in case anything goes wrong. You will have a backup of all your posts, pages, comments, links, and configurations of your blog. To backup your blog you will need the WP-DBManager plugin installed. If you already backed up your blog’s database skip to step 2.

Here are some Free cpanel hosting tutorial videos that may help with database creation and administration.

a. Extract and upload the dbmanager folder to wp-content/plugins/.


b. Activate the new plugin by logging into your blog, then click on [Plugins] in your Dashboard. (Depending on the version of your blog, the link will have a different look and location in your Dashboard. See illustration below.)


c. Locate the WP-DBManager plugin in the list of plugins and click [Activate] on the right.


d. Now that you’ve activated your new plugin, let’s use the plugin to backup your database. Click on [Database] on your WordPress Dashboard menu.


e. Next, click on [Backup DB].


f. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on [Backup].


g. At this point you should have created a backup of your database. Now we will save the database to your local computer. Start by clicking [Manage Backup DB].


h. Select the most recent database backup (probably the only backup, if this is your first time using this plugin) and click on [Download].


i. Save the file somewhere on your computer in a safe place. The file you download will have the extension of .sql. You have successfully saved a backup file of your blog’s database.

2. Download the SEO Optimized WordPress Package.

a. To get a Free copy of the SEO Optimized WordPress package go to Free SEO Blog Software and request the download link.

b. Read the instructions in the 2nd email on where to download the package. (If you have downloaded this package previously, you may need to re-download the updated package, the package should be named: undergroundtraninglab-seo-wordpress-0.9b.zip)

c. After you have downloaded the package and extract it to your desktop. (If you do not have any extraction software, download and install WinRar here)


3. Uploading the Blog Package

a. Open your FTP client and upload the entire contents of the wordpress folder overwriting all the files of your current blog, EXCEPT for the wp-config.php file! (If you do not have a FTP client download and install Filezilla here)



4. Upgrade blog

a. After you’ve completed uploading the blog package navigate your web browser to: [YOUR DOMAIN NAME]/wp-admin/upgrade.php

b. Read the upgrade warnings before continuing. Please be aware that any and all configurations that you may have set in your blog will be overwritten by our customizations. Click on [Upgrade and Optimize My WordPress Blog].


c. Click [Continue]. You may have to click Continue more than once, until it takes you to your blog’s front page.


d. Next login to your blog’s dashboard located at [YOUR DOMAIN NAME]/wp-admin


e. Click on [Settings] in the top right corner of your WordPress dashboard.


f. Click on [XML-Sitemap].


g. Scroll down to the bottom of the configurations and click on [Apply Jeff Johnson’s Configurations].



Sorry, we are in the process of updating this video so it is temporarily unavailable. Please check back soon.

Congratulations, at this point you have successfully upgraded your blog to Jeff Johnson’s Free SEO Blog Software!

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39 Responses to “upgrading your current wordpress blog tutorial”

  1. Lane 27. Nov, 2008 at 2:43 am #


    The link to remove your links goes to a missing page.

    Since I have an SEO company I kind of need to get rid of them.

    I think I will find a way to use them to promote your affiliate program on a different site though since they are there.

    I don’t know what you did with this “power pack” but my blog got indexed in just a few hours. Well that is the earliest I checked any way.

    Thanks for the software and I hope I make enough money to take advantage of some of your training some day too.




    Jeff Johnson says: All you have to do is edit the theme code or the widget the link is in.

    Some of my coaching clients have gone on to work for the “big three” search engines so you never know how far you can go. Good luck!

  2. Lane 27. Nov, 2008 at 9:16 pm #


    I couldn’t resist this comment. How long do you think it took me to do what you say above (edit the theme) considering it took me 15 minutes to find the theme editor? (That might tell you I’ve never edited a theme before.)

    Hey, I finally managed to remove every refrence to you from my blog. (sorry but had to) Having to figure it out on my own was good for me as now I at least have a little bit of abilty to edit a theme.

    The thing I really need to learn to do is put an opt in box (to make a landing page) in the top right hand corner of the theme.

    Care to save me some time and comment on how to do it?

    Anyway, sincerely, thank you very much again for the optimized blog software as I really needed a way to optimize my wordpress blogs! I had alredy spent a lot of time searching for a good way to do it.

    Too bad it’s too difficult to do on the ones already installed.


    Anthony Montalbano says: There are a couple of ways to setup an opt-in, but we recommend you use a service called aWeber. With aWeber you can create opt-in forms and it will give you a piece of HTML code to add to your site. To add it to your blog on the sidebar, you can create a Widget inside of your wp-admin. Create a ‘text’ widget and paste that HTML code from aWeber there and save it. This will then show your optin form on the sidebar of your blog. Hope this helps!

  3. guido 28. Nov, 2008 at 8:12 am #

    thanks for your help.
    I habe the version ‘a’ of the software, where Can I find the version ‘b’? Is it better?
    Thank you

    Anthony Montalbano says: The most recent version is version 1.2a. There are two previous versions, 0.9a and 0.9b. Both 0.9 versions are older versions. If you have 1.2a you have the latest release of the software.

  4. Dan 28. Nov, 2008 at 2:07 pm #

    Hi Jeff.
    I installed your blog package. It’s really good! Thank you.
    Just wanted to ask. WordPress is keep asking me to upgrade, so are the plugins. Should I?
    I’m afraid i’ll lost all customizations that way.

    Anthony Montalbano says: Yes, you can upgrade your blog and plugins, after you’ve installed our blog package. Since all the customizations are setup during the installation, an upgrade to WordPress and plugins does not effect the initial customizations.

  5. Lane 29. Nov, 2008 at 1:22 am #


    Thanks for helping!

    I have Aweber and I aready tried exactly what you say here. The problem is it doesn’t put the opt in box where I want it (top right hand corner of page) on the blog and it doesn’t center the the call to action. (Fill In For Free SEO Evaluation) It just distorts the box so it ends up looking ugly and unprofessional! I know a reasonable amount about SEO but NOTHING about design!

    I appreciate all that you Jeff and the rest of his staff have already in done in making this software available. I know this isn’t a support blog for wordpress but I thought I’d mention it in case ot was a real simple thing for you guys to explain. There is no need to though and I understand completely if you can’t.



    Anthony Montalbano says: Yes, design can be very tedious at times. My simple suggestion to what you’re trying to achieve would be to use a theme that has a right sidebar widget. Then add it as the top item on the sidebar. Without getting to technical, aWeber gives you 2 options for getting your web form’s code, select “Raw HTML version”, you should notice a couple things in the code called “input”, by default they have a size of 20. Change this number to a smaller size in the code when you paste it into a widget of your blog. If are still having trouble with design, try to find a theme with larger sidebars to accomodate the aWeber forms.

  6. yas 04. Dec, 2008 at 12:23 am #

    nice….! thank

  7. Lane 04. Dec, 2008 at 4:51 am #


    Thanks for the being generous with your time and helping me with this. I really appreciate it as I have spent hours struggling with this.

    I will try it tomorrow.


  8. John 07. Dec, 2008 at 5:30 pm #

    Thank you for the SW. Really appreciate it!!!

    I’m a newbie going thru your tutorial video (Free SEO Blog installation) & I understand it all (I believe) except one part. When it says, while installing SEO to a fresh site, to open the wp-config.php file & enter ‘my SQL database info.’. . .I’m sorry, I’m lost here. Where’s the database name, username & password come from? I’m baffled at this step. Hopefully you can help. Thank you if you can.


    Jeff Johnson says: You have to create them in your hosting account. They can help, or you can view the videos below.

    Here are some tutorials that may help solve your technical issues:
    Free SEO Blog Tutorials

    Here are the FAQ for Free SEO Blog Software:
    FAQ – Free SEO Blog

    Here are the web hosting companies we use and recommend:
    Web Hosting

  9. Hal 12. Dec, 2008 at 6:55 am #

    Hi Jeff,
    The SEO WordPress is terrific. Thanks to you and your guys.
    How do we upgrade to WP 2.7? Is that possible?
    Thanks again,

    Jeff Johnson: Don’t upgrade to a higher package, only install on blogs with lower numbers.

    They’ve been working hard on 2.7 but there have been “issues” .

    We’ll wait until it is stable and the plug ins are certified to work with it.

  10. kit 15. Dec, 2008 at 8:30 am #

    Jeff- FYI, the plugin you mention only works with 2.7 wordpress or higher!!!
    Just visited the site to check it out. Not sure what it does if it is installed on a lower version of word press.

    If you guys come up with another option, that would be great. I am using 2.6.1 still.

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